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3 Reasons Why You Need Media Walls For Your Next Business Event

You’re probably familiar with the sight of a media wall – from sporting events, galas, red carpet premiere, and so on. A media wall is the large wall that displays the logo of the event, sponsors, and other such information – and is often placed in areas where photographers take pictures of attendees.

While you may think that media walls are only for large events with a high budget, this could not be further from the truth! Today, it’s easier than ever to partner with a company like AU Carpet to get a custom-built media wall that can be used at your event.

But why should you bother with hiring a media wall for your next business event at all? What are the advantages? In this article, we’ll take a look at just a few of the best reasons to get a media wall for your next corporate function or business event. Let’s get started now!

  1. You Can Get More Sponsors

If there is any organization involved that sponsors content for your business, or is sponsoring the event or partnering with your company, a media wall is a great way to get them more exposure.

Even better, if a potential brand partner knows that you’ll have a media wall at your event, you may be able to get more sponsors – because they will be able to place their logo and information front and center, in front of all event attendees.

  1. Engage With Event Attendees On Social Media

One of the most powerful ways you can use a media wall is by building a social media walls for your event. Your social media display can show event hashtags and information about your social network presence – and your attendees can use this to help create live social media content in real time, across multiple social media platforms.

Then, when others are browsing social media posts, they’ll see your hashtag and your social media display – which helps you connect with a wider audience, beyond those who are already attending the event.

  1. It Makes Your Event Feel More Special, And Can Boost Attendance

When attending live events, everyone wants to feel like they’re getting the “Red Carpet” experience. And if you have a media wall at your event, it will automatically feel more special – because media walls are often only present at other large, important events!

Your attendees will feel even more special if you get a red carpet and other event supplies from AU Carpet, in addition to a high-quality fabric media wall. Everyone who comes to your event will get to walk down the red carpet, pose by the media wall, and enjoy a fun, unique experience at your business event!

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At AU Carpet, we’re proud to offer the best media wall hire and red carpet rental services in all of Melbourne. No matter what you need for your event, we can help – and make it completely unforgettable! Contact us online now to learn more, and begin planning for your next business event.

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