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5 Stunning Ideas for Red Carpet Events

Are you looking to wow high-profile guests, or throw a party to show your loved ones or employees how special they are to you? No matter if your special event is for an awards night or a corporate function, at AU carpet, we’ve been helping our clientele achieve successful, memorable events with our products and services. Below, we’ve put together a list of 5, stunning ideas you can implement for your next red carpet event.

  1. Versatility

Choose an event space that is versatile enough for your specific needs and your goals. For example, a red carpet wedding reception venue will be much different than where you’d want to host an awards night. Some special events will need grander, larger accommodations, versus an event that requires more intimate settings. You want your venue to accommodate your party seamlessly, and the type of event and the size of your guest list will reflect that. 

  1. Attention to Detail

Red carpet events are high-profile gatherings that require unmatched attention to detail. Red carpet events aren’t just about the food, the music, or the guest list. The success of a special red carpet event really comes down the experience your guests will have. That experience starts the minute your guests arrive at your venue.

Ideally, your special event will have a theme, and you’ll want the entrance way to your venue to reflect it. Carpet runners are an excellent way to set the mood for your event right from the beginning.

At AU Carpet, we offer a wide variety of luxurious and stylish carpet runners for any special event. We’ve assisted with weddings, corporate functions, awards parties, and much more. All of our products can be tailored to fit your theme and event ambiance.

  1. Event Logistics

Depending on the scope of your event, you might need to invest in a few crowd control devices. Chrome bollards are unobtrusive and also stylish barriers to keep things running smoothly for your guests. Bollards offer a discreet way to keep people in line or to prevent the uninvited from getting inside your venue. AU Carpet chrome bollards are excellent event hire products that will add to the sophistication of your event while helping control the crowds.

  1. Create Memories

Fabric media walls are not only a modern way to get brand exposure for your event, but they are also perfect for creating cherished memories. AU Carpet fabric media walls are custom-made for your party or wedding, and we assemble them on-site. After the event is over, we will take the media wall down. Our fabric media walls come in a variety of different sizes, and you’ll be sure to find something that will suit your needs.

  1. Set the Mood with a Carpet Runner

A carpet runner can be used to set the mood outside of your venue, and also inside of your site, too. No matter what your needs, our high-quality AU Carpet runners come in a range of styles, colours, and textures. Use one of our carpet runners to greet your guests and make them feel like a million bucks as they enter your special, high-profile event. Inside, we can cover the venue’s flooring with one of our luxurious carpets to further enhance your event’s theme and mood.

Are you ready to get started planning your glamorous, red carpet event? Here at AU Carpet, we are the leading carpet hire company for high-profile, special events in the Sydney and Melbourne area. Contact us today at AU Carpet and see what we can do for your party.

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