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Artificial Grass Hire for Melbourne and Sydney

Outdoor corporate events can be fun and rewarding, but there are many drawbacks to hosting a party outside. Unpredictable weather and bugs can ruin everything. Besides that, you may even have to pay an additional cost for renting an exclusive outdoor area.

Luckily, AU Carpet provides synthetic grass hire for those who desire that lush greenery without having to maintain actual grass.

Benefits of Fake Grass

Where natural turf is beautiful, artificial turf comes with plenty of benefits that outshine real grass. Synthetic grass hire can mean the difference between patchy faded grass and having artificial turf that will last several days a week, no matter the number of feet or weather conditions.

Fading: Normal grass can be bleached over time, especially if you have lawn furniture out on the lawn. However, artificial turf doesn't suffer from this problem and will last through rain or shine.

Lawn care: Maintenance is also very minimal; natural grass requires trimming and cutting, and pesky weeds can show up that ruin the entire look. Fake grass, on the other hand, doesn't come with these problems. It remains the same length, and you won't see a single dandelion anywhere.

Watering: It can get pretty hot during the summer months, so if you want your turf to keep looking good, you're going to need to water it a lot. That can equal an expensive water bill at the end of each month. With artificial grass, there are no watering costs, which keeps more money in your pocket.

Durability: Grass get trampled on all the time; the wear and tear will show. Our synthetic grass springs right back up no matter how much weight is put on it.

Artificial Grass Hire for Melbourne and Sydney | Au Carpet


AU Carpet provides artificial grass for marquee hire, party hire, wedding hire, and more. Are you renting a hall? No problem, we can install synthetic turf indoors too so it will feel like your wedding is taking place outside without a pesky tent rental or worrying about rain and insects.

Corporate events are important too, as the outdoorsy look of fake grass can uplift any mood and make the day even more welcoming.

Hire artificial turf installation to make any occasion feel special, and AU Carpet can help you figure out how much you need. There's no job too big or too small that we can't handle. We're available throughout the week so feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

We're Professionals

Installing artificial turf may seem simple, but there's a lot involved. Our professionals at AU Carpet have been working with it for many years and are experienced in its installation. From base prep and nail boards to cutting and securing, our skilled team will have your venue looking good in no time.

Every step is evaluated before moving on to the next one to ensure that you're getting a safe and attractive layout that will add flair to your event. You'll receive endless compliments about your beautiful outdoor party; nobody will even know it is fake grass. They will only remember the gorgeous setting and all the fun. Get estimates for your synthetic grass hire today -- you'll wonder why you didn't contact us sooner! For artificial grass hire for your Sydney or Melbourne Event, give us a call today on 1300 588 550.

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