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Why You Should Hire Red Carpet

Red carpet is the ultimate glamour accessory at an event. It will add prestige and a feel of luxury and style to any occasion. Red carpet creates a perfect atmosphere, and will help make your event something to remember.

Red Carpet Come in Various Shapes and Sizes

Our red carpet comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. It may be designed to cover stairs or a walkway, to cover an entire room or be matched with other colours in strips for a striking effect. Whether you need a red carpet for hire for weddings, party, awards night or corporate event we will have a carpet to suit you. We specialise in red carpet hire Melbourne and Sydney areas.

Why You Should Hire Red Carpet | AU Carpet | Melbourne & Sydney


Hiring red carpet makes a striking first impression at your event. It creates a wow factor and is the ultimate element of class and luxury. Red carpet makes your event a standout - whether it is a corporate event, wedding, graduation, or a party. It will literally transform your party or event. Some people even use fake paparazzi to take pictures of their guests on the red carpet! Organising event carpet hire Melbourne and Sydney areas will create the perfect atmosphere.

Cost Effective

Hiring red carpet is actually very cost effective. It is much more inexpensive to hire than buy the carpet, and you will not need to clean, maintain or store it. We will deliver and install the carpet professionally for you, and provide fast, efficient and friendly service at an affordable price.

When organising your next gala event, red carpet is an accessory that will ensure that it has perfect style and impresses your guests no end. We have a variety of carpets for sale and hire and can help you with carpet hire Melbourne and Sydney areas, as well as media wall hire, and bollards hire. Contact us today to hire your red carpet!

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