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Hiring Artificial Grass for Your Marquee Event

Hosting an event outdoors comes with all the perks of a great view, having a large number of guests, and being out in the fresh air. However, creating a space that looks great can be a bit of a problem. Instead of hunting for a venue, you may want to consider hiring a professional who…
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Artificial Grass Hire for Melbourne and Sydney

Outdoor corporate events can be fun and rewarding, but there are many drawbacks to hosting a party outside. Unpredictable weather and bugs can ruin everything. Besides that, you may even have to pay an additional cost for renting an exclusive outdoor area. Luckily, AU Carpet provides synthetic grass hire for those who desire that lush…
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Why Should You Choose a White Carpet for a Red Carpet Event?

When you’re hosting an exclusive, glamorous event, it’s crucial that you lay the groundwork for your extraordinary day with a luxurious and glitzy red carpet. Setting the mood and giving your treasured guests the VIP treatment is one way to ensure that your special event is a success. But where did the whole “red carpet…
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Media Wall Idea For Your Events: The Best Ways To Use Media Walls!

If you’re rolling out the red carpet for corporate and charity events, or for events like product launches, a media wall is a great way to make your event feel even more special! Media walls are large, fabric walls with printed messages – you’re probably familiar with them from red carpet events. They often have…
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